I recently watched a video that made me think about social media and mental health. There is a lot of information out there regarding social media, mental health and the negative effects. If there is one thing I truly agree with, it is to utilize moderation with your screen time.

But - I do believe social media can be helpful, if accessed correctly. I have actually encouraged my client's to create a Twitter or Pinterest account. Here is the one rule - ONLY FOLLOW ACCOUNTS OR TAG PINS THAT ARE INSPIRATIONAL TO YOU!  You have control over the content you see. You can find motivational quotes, education, understanding, etc. on social media sites like Instagram

The key is sticking to the rules. Make sure you limit your time. Allow yourself to browse during your morning coffee, or your bus ride to work, but then be done. Yes, I said done. Unplug. 

Check out @DavidRoads on Twitter for motivational quotes or @NIMHgov for educational resources. 

AuthorAshley Stavig